Want to Write Your Own Book?

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So, you've got this fantastic idea for a book. Your friends think it sounds terrific! You decide to write a novel. You load up your desk with pens, pencils, paper and a laptop. Then you sit at your desk and stare at it all.

Where to start?

Beginning your first fiction novel can be overwhelming. So many decisions. Who will your characters be? How will they interact? How do you get your incredible idea from your head into a cohesive book?

We can help.

Prudy Taylor Board is the author of over 25 books--histories, mysteries and horror--she's an expert. Not only does she write and edit, but she loves to teach. She begins with the basics and moves you through writing your first book step-by-step. There are even worksheets at the back of the book to copy and complete. If you follow her directions, you'll be able to type "The End" before you know it!

Once you've written this tome, what comes next? How do you sell it?

We can help with that, too!

Ruth Hartman Berge, also an author, has a degree in Business Administration from Florida State University and has studied marketing in the internet age. She shares the tips she's learned and provides you with references and websites to  help you get over a writer's normal shyness, build a fan base, have a successful book launch and sell, sell, sell!

And we'll even throw in a bonus: To get a PDF version of the worksheets in our book, please email us through our contact page and we'll be happy to send them to you! 

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